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how to care for gallery artwork

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Celebrations For Cultured Couples: Tips And Ideas When Hosting Wedding Events In A Contemporary Art Center

It's refreshing for couples to learn they may host their wedding events at local cultural art centers. Many contemporary art centers rent out public and private areas of their facilities for rehearsal dinners, nuptial ceremonies, and wedding receptions. Couples who dream of providing a unique setting for their special day and a memorable experience for their guests have many options when they reserve event space at art galleries and cultural exhibits. The following are some ideas for weddings held in cultural art centers:

Regency wedding

You don't have to go all Jane Austen to enjoy the simplicity and low-key vibe of a Regency-era wedding. Marriage unions during the period from 1811 to 1820 were elegant yet understated. If you plan on an intimate, smaller celebration, Regency-style is a great fit for your wedding.

Attire. Men wore tailcoats, waistcoats, cravats and breeches. Shoes or boots were black leather. This style works well with modern military dress attire, too. Women wore bonnets and the requisite empire-waist dresses, which were often white, silver, and blue. Brides who want to wear darker colors are in luck since those were acceptable hues for practical Regency brides who wanted to wear their dresses again.

Setting. Rooms with historic architectural accents and modern, soaring spaces work equally well. Use understated but sophisticated furnishings and plenty of fresh flowers. Silver platters, epergnes and table plateaus are all wonderful period table decor.

Banquet. Only breakfast was served before the Regency-era honeymoon couple departed, since weddings were held in the morning. Any fusion of cuisines or hour of celebration will work for your banquet, but do remember to have buffet items displayed with symmetry for the Regency touch.

Delta Blues wedding

This is the template for any style of musical wedding. Choose the theme by picking a musical era for your ceremony site, cocktail hour and reception. If the theater of the art center is available, have your vows exchanged on a brightly lit stage dressed like your favorite band while the guest "audience" looks on from concert seating.

Attire. For a Delta Blues wedding, vintage attire from the 1940s to the 1970s will work for both women and men. Outfits from the Roaring '20s, Glam '80s, and modern times also work, whether you want minimalist or sassy colors to accent your events. Awesome couture hats, stoles, and shoes are also a definite plus for men and women.

Setting. Go with rustic or antique elements for a Delta Blues fete. It's perfectly fine to have a Bohemian mixture of vintage floral China and galvanized metal. Arrive and depart in a '40s sedan. Roses and other traditional flowers add a timeless touch. Use vintage music posters and lots of LED uplighting and special effects to give the reception space a nightclub ambiance.

Banquet. Set a table full of Cajun or Creole fare, or go for a fusion of Soul Food and Southwestern favorites. A seated and plated dinner can include brisket, haricots verts and hand made dinner rolls. Make sure there's a dance floor and a band (or DJ) belting out the blues for the duration of the party. 

You have your own ideas about the perfect wedding venue, whether you want a geology-inspired or a modern-art-inspired event. Check out your local performing arts center--whether you're in bustling N.Y.C. or a sleepy small town--to discover the culturally rich settings available for your wedding day.