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how to care for gallery artwork

When you buy art, do you know how to take care of it? So many people visit an art gallery, find something that they really like, take it home and put it out for display. As time goes by, the artwork doesn't look like it did when it was first brought home. Why does this happen? Well, in most cases, it happens because it is not being cared for properly. If you have unique and beautiful artwork in your home, take a moment to visit my website to learn how to care for it to keep it looking beautiful for many years.

3 Tips For Bolstering Your Career As An Artist

While living the life of an artist is a dream that many people would love to take advantage of, you'll need to learn some tips that will help you take it from a hobby and make it into a career. If you'd like to bolster your career as an artist and truly build your fan base and clientele, there are some valuable tips that you'll need to keep in mind. In order to get what you need out of your career as an artist, follow some of these guidelines and use them to your advantage. 

#1: Use Your Art To Bolster Your Marketing And Networking

One of the best things you can do as an artist is link up with other artists, in order to compare notes and share resources. A great way to do this is by setting up an art event, in which you can show your work and encourage others to show their work. This can come in the form of a gallery or other type of art show. Ask a company like Purple Easel for help with setting up the event. By elevating other artists and providing them a platform, they will be likely to return the favor when you have some wares that you would like to display. Always have a goal to exchange contact information with those who come to the event, so that you're able to create your network.

#2: Embrace Social Media And Use It To Your Advantage

Art purists sometimes struggle with things like embracing social media. However, when you embrace social media, you drastically increase the amount of people who are able to see your work and learn about your goals. Using social media also gives you great practice at creating other forms of content, such as blog posts and digital graphics.  

#3: Treat Yourself Like A Business

Since most people think of careers as 9-to-5 jobs spent inside of office buildings, it can be difficult to embrace the business end of things at first. However, you'll need to be sure that you keep accurate records, so that you're able to receive tax write offs for art related expenses. You will also want to hire a tax professional for your art related finances, or invest in some professional quality software, in order to maximize on your potential career. 

Keep these art career tips at the front of your mind, so that you are able to take your career as an artist to the next level.